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Word On The Street: What not to miss while in Iceland

By Adriana Champagne

  • Gullfoss waterfall A key destinaiton on the Golden Circle tour. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Foreigners and locals in downtown Reykjavík talk to us about their favourite Icelandic go to´s and must see´s.


Dragan Photos/ Adriana Champagne

"Puffin watching is really fun (Puffin season is in it´s prime within the months of May through August.) On good weather would be whale watching, but you know what? You can never know, because the weather changes every five minutes. Then of course there is The Blue Lagoon, but I think it is ehh. Pricey! You know what? If you go near the Lighthouse and just look up on clear nights, you can see the Northern Lights. It´s beautiful, and you don't have to pay! And I would say if you are going to do the Golden Circle, make sure your guide is someone you know, like a friend, so you don't have to pay to see it. And also go in a big car. The bigger the car, the less chances you will fall off the sides of the roads.” - Dragan, age 26, Iceland native. 

NaSiHumKing.jpgNa Si Hum King “I am an exchange student for the Czech Republic, and this is my little vacation. I wanted to see the Aurora, the glacier, and the Golden Circle. The glacier was definitely hands down my favorite.” - age 23, from South Korea.


Charlotte “The Golden Circle, and especially the South Coast were beautiful. Also enjoyed the Secret Lagoon. Went through a cave to a lovely waterfall yesterday, that was cool. The South Coast was the best though.” - age 27, from England.


Dexter “My favorite thing was taking the Golden Circle tour and seeing the waterfall. It was amazing and shocking in it's enormity. I´ve been here three days, and am leaving today in an hour. But I know I have to come back because even walking around now I'm looking at the mountains.. Right now I'm trying to find that amazing hot dog stand that I've been to once already, and it was so good that I said to myself “I must have them once more before I leave.” Last night I went out to Bravó Bar, that was amazing. Stayed there until 1 AM and then went to a local Icelandics home and just hung out until 4 in the morning.” - age 42, from New York City, New York, U.S.A.


Marlin.jpgMarlin “Oh my god! How can I chose? There are so many things. I would have to say the Northern Lights are my favorite. But The Golden Circle is always very good. And I loved the Glacier Lagoon.” - age 19, from Germany.


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