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Winter or summer? Yellow weather alert: Poor driving conditions in S, W and NW Iceland

By Staff

  • Winter in May Reykjavík residents have woken up to a return of winter for two days in a row. Photo/Vilhelm

Travelers are urged to show extra caution while driving in South, West and North West Iceland today and tomorrow morning. The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a Yellow Weather alert, warning of gale and snowstorm. Very poor visibility and slippery roads can cause extremely dangerous driving conditions, especially for drivers who are not used to Icelandic conditions.

Poor travel weather


Weather Alert
Weather alert May 4-5. 2018 Drive carefully and stay safe! Photo/IMO

The weather alert is effective from one in the afternoon today, Friday, until ten tomorrow morning, Saturday. Drivers are warned of gales and snowshowers today, and continuing snow tonight and tomorrow morning, creating potentially dangerously slippery conditions on roads.

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Heavy snowshowers are forecast for the affected areas, and wind is expected to reach gale force (southwest 15-20 m/s) during the showers. Conditions on heaths and in mountain passes can easily become very difficult. Inexperienced drivers should take extreme caution and consider postponing trips.

Keep this in mind!
Driving conditions become progressively more difficult at higher altitudes. The Ring Road crosses several mountain passes and heaths where driving conditions can deteriorate rapidly.

ICE-SAR travel alert
ICE-SAR has also issued travel alerts, asking travellers to take care. 

Slippery Roads and Poor Visibility! Snow showers, cold weather and strong winds are forecasted this evening from Reykjavík to Snæfellsnes (Borgarnes to Stykkishólmur), the Westfjords (Ísafjörður to Patreksfjörður) and north west Iceland (Búðardalur to Akureyri). Roads may become slippery, especially at higher elevation.


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