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The weather is almost always good in Flúðir

By Sara McMahon

  • Erna Óðinsdóttir is a designer based in Flúðir, South Iceland. She runs the workshop Kurl Project. Photo/Erna Óðinsdóttir

  • The old pool in Hverahólmi is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland.

  • The bridge near Brúðarhlöð, a narrow gorge in the river Hvítá. 

Erna Óðinsdóttir lives with her family in the small town of Flúðir. She’s a project manager and a tailor who owns her own clothing brand named Kurl Project Iceland. In her workshop, she sells local designs as well as her own—made from materials such as cotton, linen, and silk. Erna’s designs are inspired by traditional Icelandic clothing and nature. She welcomes guests into her workshop when open. We recommend you drop by and learn more about Icelandic design, old and new.


Name three interesting places people should not miss when visiting Flúðir?
1) “Bragginn (the Nissen hut) is a lovely little clay workshop where you can purchase locally made designs directly from the designer. The space also houses a café, which serves dishes made from local products. Bragginn is a ten-minute drive from Flúðir and has a wonderful view over two active volcanoes: Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull.”
2) The old pool in Hverahólmi is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland, built in 1891, and located in the geothermal area near Flúðir. It has been kept natural so guests can experience the ‘true’ Icelandic feeling of hot springs. The water is a cosy 38° to 40°C (100° to 104°F) all year around. The area is full of geothermal spots, and near the pool there is a small ‘geyser’ that erupts every five minutes, creating a great show for those lounging in the pool.”
3) “Miðfell is a small mountain in the area. There is a marked path to the top of the mountain, and the view from there is pretty spectacular.”

Best restaurant/café in the area:
“Café Mika is my favourite restaurant in the area. It is located in Reykholt, on the famous Golden Circle, around 10 kilometres (6 miles) from Flúðir. They are known for their delicious langoustine dishes and handmade chocolates. Langoustine pizza, langoustine sandwiches, langoustine soup, and salad—it all tastes heavenly!”

What is the area’s most famous landmark?
“Gullfoss waterfall is probably the most famous landmark of the area. On the way you’ll pass the bridge near Brúðarhlöð, a narrow gorge in the river Hvítá. A beautiful spot well worth a visit.”

What can those travelling with children do in Flúðir?
“The horse rental Syðra Langholt is a good choice. They have horses for all ages and levels of skill and offer everything from one-hour trips up to tours which take a few days. The shorter tours are ideal for those who want to get acquainted with the Icelandic horse.
There is also a lovely camping site near the farm, called Álfaskeið, which is perfect for families.”

What is your all-time favourite spot in/around Flúðir?
“I mostly enjoy places where I can enjoy some quiet, either by myself or with my family. Miðfell mountain and Hólanúkar are among those places.”

What’s the best thing about the area, in your opinion? 
“The weather is almost always good in Flúðir, the scenery is beautiful, and the atmosphere is relaxed. We are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and are lucky enough to be able to enjoy it every single day.”

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