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Waterfall running upside down, yes it can get quite windy in Iceland

By Staff

  • Wrong direction The waterfall Rjúkandi is located in one of Iceland's windiest places, in the mountain range Eyjafjöll in South Iceland. This is a screenshot from video by Börkur Hrólfsson, see below.

Tour guide Börkur Hrólfsson captured this great video of the waterfall Rjúkandi running upside down yesterday. It's been quite windy, to say the least, in Iceland over the last few days, and this behaviour of the waterfall is not an uncommon sight when the wind is strong. Nevertheless it's always a sight to behold.

Rjúkandi is located in South Iceland close to highway Route One, in the Eyjafjöll mountain range, a notoriously windy place.



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