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Watch: American preacher denounces Iceland as a “feminist hell”, “a nation of bastards”

By Staff

  • Is Iceland an example to avoid or follow? A Phoenix based Baptist pastor believes the high number of children born out of wedlock in Iceland shows the dangers of not following what he believes are "traditional family values". Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

A US pastor, Steven L Anderson, who is a “Pastor of Faithful Word”, at a Baptist church in Phoenix Arizona recently delivered a fiery sermon denouncing the wicked ways of Icelanders and Icelandic women. Icelanders, the good pastor believes, fail to feel adequate levels of shame for not following what he believes is the correct reading of the Bible.

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The pastor bases his sermon on a CNN story he had recently read about the high number of children born out of wedlock in Iceland. According to the story some two thirds of Icelandic children are born to parents who are not married. This statistic infuriates the pastor, who believes Icelanders should feel collective shame about being what he believes is a “nation of bastards”, where women go around “getting knocked up” and “fornicating”.

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It is primarily, it seems, the lack of shame in Iceland which angers the preacher, but he also seems extremely upset at women’s rights in Iceland. In fact, Iceland is a “feminist hell”, a land where women have too much freedom and too little shame. The sermon, which is about the “wickedness of Iceland”, can be viewed in its entirety below.

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According to the website of Faithful Word Baptist Church is a “totally independent” church, independent operates out of a strip mall in a Phoenix suburb. The Pastor, Steven L. Anderson has holds no college degree, but “has well over 140 chapters of the Bible memorized word-for-word“. He has also „travelled throughout Germany and Eastern Europe for 3 months“.

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We at Iceland Magazine hold great respect for self-education and believe travel abroad is a great way to broaden one‘s horizon and gain a deeper education not available at college or university. However, we think the self-education and foreign travel has not done the pastor much good when it comes to equipping him with the skills or knowledge to analyze Icelandic society. Although he seems to believe these statistics prove his point that the US return to what he considers “traditional family values” and a “Biblical morality”, all studies and measurements show that Icelanders have created a society which is happier, healthier and more prosperous than most other developed countries, and characterized by stronger and happier families with better bonds between children and parents than most other countries.

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