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Videos teach travellers how to behave in Iceland – including hot tub etiquette

By Staff

  • How to infuriate the locals? One of the few things about foreign visitors that actually angers Icelanders are the unwillingness of many to shower in the nude before entering the pool. Another thing: Drive off road. That really pisses Icelanders off. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

The Icelandic tourist board has launched a new advertising campaign called “Iceland Academy”. The campaign includes several short instructional videos which are intended to teach foreign visitors how to behave in Iceland, in a humorous and light hearted manner.

The campaign follows in the footsteps of previous advertising campaigns, including “Inspired by Iceland”, which was launched in 2010 following the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, to counter what authorities and people in the tourism industry feared what would be the negative impact of the eruption on tourism in Iceland. Of course, the eruption had no negative impact on the tourism industry, serving as free advertising, fuelling what has since become a tourism boom. The latest advertising campaign therefore does not aim at drawing in new visitors, but rather inform those who are already planning to visit.

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One of the first instalments in this series is a short video on swimming pool etiquette, a topic which Icelanders take very seriously.

While all the videos approach their subject in a somewhat lighthearted and fun manner, most are more serious than the instructional film on swimming pool etiquette - and for good reason. Far too many foreign visitors seem completely oblivious to the fact that Icelandic nature is both fragile and dangerous, leading to people destroying landscapes with reckless behaviour, including off road driving, or getting themselves into serious danger by walking on ice floats in glacial lagoons.



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