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Video: Whale watching boats counted as many as 50 humpback whales off Reykjanes peninsula

  • Two members of the 50 member strong humpback whale assembly Whale watching operators coundted as many as 50 different humpback whales feasting on large schools of capelin off the Reykjanes peninsula last week. Photo/Reykjavík Sailors.

Participants in whale watching tours off the coast of Reykjanes peninsula were treated to an unusual sight last week when large numbers of humpback whales greeted the boats. Guides counted as many as 50 humpback whales circling the boats. The manager of one of Reykjavík’s whale watching companies told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service the number of humpback whales was highly unusual.

The following video was shot by the crew of one of Reykjavík Sailors’ boats last week, showing the whales checking out the tourists.

The large group of whales was swimming just off the small fishing village of Sandgerði, where a number of vessels were fishing capelin for the past few weeks. The whales have most likely been after the same catch, feeding off the schools of capelin.

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All whale watching companies operating in Reykjavík moved their operations to Sandgerði to take advantage of the sight, bussing their customers from Reykjavík.


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