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Video: The stunning beauty of the Diamond Beach and other wonders of South Iceland

By Staff

  • The Ring Road and Öræfi region The Öræfi region, located in the foothills of Öræfajökull glacier and surrounded by the enormous outwash plains of the glacial rivers which run to the south from Vatnajökull glacier. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

We at Iceland Magazine love travel- and nature videos submitted by our readers. Last June a German photographer, Michael Kraus, took a week long trip to experience the midnight sun in Iceland. Michael rented a car to travel the island, to capture some amazing photographs and video footage. 

Michael , who is a 29 year old photographer based in Ammersee in Bavaria, has been doing travel photography for four years. This summer Michael took a trip to Iceland, and was blown away by the beauty of Icelandic landscapes.

"I have never seen such a beautiful landscape as in Iceland. The Diamond Beach, Háifoss waterfall, Dyrhólaey Cape, Stokksnes beach and the endless landscape have inspired me so I decided to produce a short video.

While it's hard for me to name one favorite place in Iceland, because everything is beautiful. But still, I think I can say that the most beautiful location was the Stokksnes beach."

When we asked Michael whether he was surprised by anything he found in Iceland he answered that the beauty was probably what hit him first: Seeing the landscapes with your own eyes, feeling the wind and rain - or midnight sun - on your face  is very different from seeing photographs taken and edited by experts. The real experience is far superior to the photographs!

"I was surprised by the tremendous beauty of the landscape which I had only seen from photographs. In many places, I was speechless, I just remained silent and amazed."

What surprised Michael most, however, was the cleanliness. Despite growing numbers of foreign travellers visiting Iceland, the country has seen very few of the negative impacts which have spoiled many tourism hotspots. 

"What surprised me most was the cleanliness in this country, there was no garbage anywhere. Even with the numbers of tourists who come to Iceland. Also, the locals are very friendly."

The video takes us along Michael's tour of Iceland, with stops at many of the most spectacular sites of South Iceland. Be sure to choose HD and fullscreen, sit back and enjoy!


ICELAND from Michael Kraus on Vimeo.


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