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Video: National Coast Guard frees humpback whale caught in local fisherman’s net

By Staff

The captain aboard the motorboat Gammur SK 12 contacted the National Coast Guard yesterday requesting assistance. The rescue mission was a rather unusual one; A humpback whale had gotten tangled in the fisherman’s net while fishing in Skagafjörður fjord, North Iceland.

The captain had previously tried to cut the animal loose, but to no avail. That is when he decided to contact the National Coast Guard for help. Members aboard the guard ship Ægir were quick off the mark and came to the fisherman’s aid thirty minutes later.

According to the Coast Guard’s website the task of freeing the massive animal proved more than challenging. The beast thrashed around in the water in an attempt to unfasten itself. During the rescue mission, another humpback whale arrived and seemed to closely monitor the rescue mission.

The crew eventually managed to cut the animal loose – the whale slapped its tail once, almost as a sign of thanks, and then disappeared into the depths of the ocean.  

Watch the amazing rescue below:

Video by Landhelgisgaeslan


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