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University students left dumbfounded over cafeteria's 'soup of the day'

By Staff

  • The National University The university restaurant Háma served cheeseburger soup yesterday - which sent students into a frenzy. Photo/GVA

Yesterday, students at the National University, Háskóli Íslands, were left dumbfounded yet feeling somewhat curious about the school cafeteria’s soup of the day - which turned out to be an unorthodox ‘cheeseburger soup’.

According to website Nútíminn, many students took to social media to comment on the meal, which some said tasted a bit like traditional meat soup.

“Thinking about the little things in life that make you smile. Like cheeseburger soup in Háma,” one student tweeted.

“Cheeseburger soup – it’s on days like these that I realise how old I am #toooldforthisshit,” another student commented.

The university restaurant Háma serves hot lunch every weekday. Soup of the day cost 620 ISK (4 Euros/5 USD).

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