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With the unique “First Day of Summer” holiday coming up, here’s your weather update for the week

By Staff

The Icelandic tradition of celebrating the First Day of Summer, Sumardagurinn fyrsti, as a public holiday in early spring is viewed with certain amusement by some visitors and even many locals, since the weather on the first Thursday after April 18 is rarely particularly summery. The temperature on the first day of summer is frequently below freezing (0°C / 32°F), and it is not unusual to see summer greeted with snow showers.

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This year it looks like weather on the first Day of Summer will be reasonably good. The Icelandic Met office is predicting a week of regular early spring weather:

Weather on Tuesday
Reykjavík and South West Iceland will have overcast skies, but clears up after 18:00, with the sky remaining partly cloudy through the night. Temperature will rise from 1°C in the morning to 6°C in the afternoon (34-43°F). Heavy rain and sleet throughout the day, but will clear up by 18:00.

South Iceland will similarly be overcast and rainy all day, but with lower temperatures and stronger wind, 2-5°C (36-41°F), and a strong breeze before noon, but only a gentle breeze in the afternoon. The weather in South Iceland will similarly improve in the evening, although it will still be overcast with rain showers.

Weather on Wednesday
Rain showers and overcast skies are expected in Reykjavík and South West Iceland in the morning. The sky will remain overcast through the day, and the rains will return during the night. Strong winds, ranging from gale to strong gale, and a temperature of 5-6°C (41-43°F) will make Wednesday perfect for visiting a museum or sightseeing outside the city.

The weather in South and North Iceland will be somewhat more pleasant on Wednesday, clear or clear skies and a light or gentle breeze.

Weather on Thursday, First day of Summer
The first day of summer looks to be the best day of the week in Reykjavík and on the South-West corner. The temperature in South-West corner of Iceland is expected to be between 1°C and 5°C (during the day, with mostly sunny or partly clouded skies and light to gentle breeze. South Iceland will see clear skies all day, but moderate to strong breeze and a temperature of 3-5°C (37-41°F). North and East Iceland are expected to see temperatures dipping below freezing, with mostly sunny skies and light to moderate breeze

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