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Two tractor excavators working on Fast 8 fall through the ice on Mývatn lake

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  • Not so fast Tractor excavators used to clear the Ice of Lake Mývatn for car chases which are being shot for the latest Fast and Furious installment have now crashed through the ice on two occasions. Photo/

The shooting of the latest Fast & Furious instalment on Lake Mývatn has included some very unusual vehicles charging across the ice, simulated explosions and gunfire. But it has also included real accidents. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV reports that twice in a short time period two tractor excavators have fallen through the ice, plunging into the lake.

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The first accident took place over the Easter weekend, the second yesterday morning. In both cases a tractor excavator which was clearing snow off the lake crashed through the ice into the water below. According to RÚV neither accident led to any environmental damage. A representative of the Icelandic Environmental Agency monitors the shooting at all times to ensure the delicate lake is not harmed.

Davíð Örvar Hansson, a specialist in the ecosystem of Mývatn, who monitors the shooting on behalf of the Environment Agency told RÚV that the excavator which fell through the ice yesterday only went half into the lake, but that it still took the team two hours to get it out: “The reason was that they wanted to make absolutely sure that the accident did not become worse” and that no oil leaked into the lake.

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A minor quantity of oil did leak into the lake when the excavator fell in over Easter. However, Davíð tells RÚV, that action was immediately taken to clean up the oil spill, and measurement taken at the site the next day showed no oil in the water.

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