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Town of Akranes taken over by tanks, helicopters and various fast moving cars as Fast 8 moves in

By Staff

  • Fish and Fast 8 The film crew of Fast 8 have brought a fleet of vehecles to the harbour area in Akranes, a small fishing town in West Iceland. Photo/Vilhjálmur Birgisson, Facebook.

As the film crews working on the latest instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise have arrived in the town of Akranes in West Iceland this small and friendly fishing town has been taken over by a variety of unusual motorized vehicles and a fleet of fast cars.

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Although the fans of the Fast and Furious movies have grown accustomed to seeing various vehicles drive, well, fast and furious, the inhabitants of the small and friendly fishing town of Akranes are not as used to tanks driving in their streets.



Locals have been busy sharing photographs on social media of the various vehicles as they have passed through town. Others have headed down to the harbour area and the old abandoned cement factory, where the shooting takes place. According to the sources of the local news site members of local search and rescue teams took care of the safety of curious onlookers in the harbour area.

A photoalbum posted to Facebook by Vilhjálmur Birgisson, a local (and one of Iceland's most outspoken labour leaderrs) shows how what appears to be a Russian compound has been constructed by the harbour.

Vilhjálmur shared a second photo album which shows that Fast 8 does not only include ground vehicles, but helicopters as well.

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