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Tommi's Burger Joint introduces its own beer, brewed by Mikkeller

By Staff

  • The latest "Icelandic" beer A special burger joint beer, brewed by Mikkeller for the Icelandic hamburger chain Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar. Photo/Eiríkur Jónsson

The legendary Tommaborgarar has often been dubbed as “Iceland’s answer to McDonalds”: It was the first fast food chain in Iceland. The first Tommaborgarar joint was opened by Tómas Á. Tómasson (better known as “Tommi”) in 1981, and the success of Tommaborgarar is often credited with having kept American burger chains at bay. McDonalds tried, but failed, to convince Icelanders to switch to the standardized American version of the hamburger.

After having introduced Icelanders to the concept of the hamburger chain Tómas went on to open and run a number of restaurants, including the first Hard Rock Café in Iceland. According to the website of Hamborgarabúllan (The Burger Joint), his most recent venture, Tómas has opened or participated in opening over 20 restaurants in Iceland. Currently Tommi operates a chain of hamburger restaurants called Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar, which translates literally as “Tommi’s Burger Joint”.

According to the local gossip website Tommi’s most recent venture is a special “Burger Joint” beer, brewed especially for his Hamborgarabúllan restaurants by the Danish craft brew giant Mikkeller. The beer will be offered at all of the Tommi Burger joints, including the flagship restaurant by the old harbour.

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