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On thin ice at Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon

By Staff

  • Don't do that This is not a wise move. The icebergs can flip without a warning. The freezing cold water can be a shock to the body and there is no rescue unit on location. Screenshot from video by Þórarinn Jónsson, see link for video below.

Two American tourists were spotted playing a dangerous game at the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, South Iceland, this morning. The two guys ventured out on to the icebergs floating in the glacier lagoon, stripped to their underwear and fooled around making their travelling companions laugh.

This kind of behaviour is however no laughing stock as the icebergs can suddenly tip over, submerging people in the freezing deep waters of the lagoon.

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Local tour guide Þórarinn Jónsson captured the act on video and warned the travellers that they were putting themselves in grave danger. If people fall into the water there is no formal security or rescue unit on location.

Travel operators at the lagoon put up a sign some years ago, warning visitors not to go onto the ice. As we have previously reported Oddný Kristínardóttir, who runs the café located at Jökulsárlón, says she and her staff often warn off tourists who have gone onto the ice, however, many choose to ignore their warning.

Please don’t do that. This is serious. We should respect the nature.

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