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Is there any way to go and see the Holuhraun lava flow safely?

By Staff

  •  Tour operators are now offering day trips to the Holuhraun eruption site. Photo/Egill Aðalasteinsson

I'm visiting Iceland in October and want to know whether there is any way to go and see the Holuhraun lava flow safely? 

A: There are numerous local tour operators that offer sight-seeing trips to the eruption site. The area north of Vatnajökull glacier is still closed to traffic, and we strongly advise travelers not to try and venture into the area alone.

Mýflug Air offers trips from the north of Iceland over the eruption site for 250 euros (453 US dollars) per person.
Tour operator Extreme Iceland offers trips from both Reykjavík and Akureyri. The trip from Reykjavík will set you back 100.000 krónur (649 euros / 841 US dollars), while the tour departing from Akureyri costs 45.000 krónur (292 euros / 378 US dollars).
Saga Travel also offers trips to the eruption site from Akureyri, North Iceland, for 60.000 krónur (389 euros / 505 US dollars).

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