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Soon you might be able to quench your thirst with a delicious cod-milk

By Staff

  • Nicknamed "the yellow one" by Icelandic fishermen Soon you might be able to drink in the fishy goodness of dairy products infused with Icelandic cod. Photo/GVA.

The Icelandic dairy giant MS has entered into an agreement with the company Codland to develop dinks, using raw materials from the two companies, the local business journal Viðskiptablaðið reports. MS is of course the leading manufacturer of dairy products in Iceland, including numerous skyr products. Codland had in recent years been working on various collagen products using cod products, primarily cod skin.

Being fish, rather than mammals, cod of course do not produce milk. Instead the two companies will work on the development of milk drinks using cod products as ingredients.

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It is safe to say the dairy MS is branching out these days. Recently the dairy MS announced it had launched a joint venture with distillery Foss to produce liqueurs made with alcohol distilled from whey.

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