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Sónar Reykjavík: The DJ's guide to Sónar music festival

By Sara McMahon

  • Major fun Sónar Reykjavík has become increasingly popular, attracting around 3,500 guests each year. Photo/Live Project

Sónar Reykjavík takes place on 18-20 of February 2016 in the Harpa Music Hall and with a line-up that includes legendary electronic music artist Squarepusher, rapper Angel Haze, and Berlin-based musician Ellen Allien, it’s bound to be a dance-tastic event!



What not to miss? 
Kiasmos! You should definitely not miss Kiasmos. No amount of Spotify playing will ever make up for not seeing them live. I'm also really excited about finally getting the chance to experience Tonik Ensemble up close and personal.

DJ Katla, Katla Ásgeirsdóttir, plötusnúður

DJ Katla


Where to go for brunch:
I'd recommend The Coocoo's Nest, but you have to get there pretty early since everybody already knows it's good and it's going to be packed. The food isn't greasy or too expensive and they even have a vegan sandwich on their menu.

Pre-concert drinks?
Well, since you are going to Harpa eventually, I think Kaffibarinn is pretty basic. It'll take you 5-9 minutes to walk to Harpa from there, depending on how much you've had to drink. They've got all sorts of nice beer and hard liquor, but it's not a cocktail bar so don't even ask.

Where to relax after a night out?
Reykjavik's swimming pools are great for relaxing after a night out. The hot tubs and steam-baths do wonders, washing off all the shit life throws at you, even hangovers. Just don't forget to wash yourself thoroughly before getting in, in Iceland we are dead serious about public-pool hygiene...we even have guards in the shower area who will help you shower if you try to skip this important step of the overall pool experience.

What to see in Reykjavík:
Just look up at Esjan, I'd say she's something.

DJ Katla performs at Sónar Reykjavík on Saturday at 8.30 pm.

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