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Six-year-old boy with autism teaches teenagers about space

By Staff

  • Fascinated by space Magnús Viðar, a six-year-old boy with autism, stood on a step stool to reach the white board while teaching fellow students about the solar system. Photo/DV

A six-year-old boy with autism taught fellow students at Fellaskóli elementary school in Egilsstaðir, East Iceland, about the solar system, reports news website

Magnús Viðar Kristmundsson has long been fascinated by space. On annual World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, he got the chance to share his knowledge with pupils in 9th grade (14 year-old) in Fellaskóli.

“He’s an incredibly fast learner. And he has an amazing memory,” Magnús Viðar’s mum, Halla Sigrún Sveinbjörnsdóttir, told DV. “He finds interacting with people somewhat difficult but his classmates have known him since kindergarten and are extremely patient and accepting.”

The eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated on 2 April. Its aim is to increase awareness about people, especially children, with autism. Magnús’s teacher suggested that he make his dream of sharing his knowledge with fellow students come true on that day.

“He used a step stool to reach the white board during his lecture. The teenagers were amazed by how brilliant he was.”

Halla emphasises that it is important to put more focus on all the positive traits people with autism have, rather than focusing on the negatives. “I’m extremely proud of him,” she said. “He’s taught me so much and because of him, I view life differently.”

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