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Sick of isolation, farmers move their farm from the Westfjords to Snæfellsnes peninsula

By Staff

  • Strandir, Westfjords After 40 years living at Látrar farm in the Westfjords, the family moved to Snæfellsnes with all its belongings and its farm animals. Photo/Stefán

The family living at Látrar farm in Mjóifjörður, Westfjords, decided to relocate to Snæfellsnes peninsula, West Iceland, this summer. After 40 years, the family up and left Látrar, moving with them not only their household properties, but also their milking cows and sheep.  

According to the National Broadcasting Service, RÚV, the farmstead’s isolated location prompted the move; the children had to travel at least a hundred kilometres (62 miles) to school, forcing the parents to live in separate homes during term-time.

Sigmundur H. Sigmundsson, born and raised at Látrar, and his wife Jóhanna María Karlsdóttir, moved to Snæfellsnes to be closer to their son, Jón, who lives with his family at Mið-Garðar farm. The couple’s youngest, Sigmundur Geir, is pleased with the move as it makes attending school much easier and allows him to be closer to his peers.  

Jóhanna María, one of the couple’s two daughters and Iceland’s youngest Member of Parliament, revealed to RÚV that the move went seamlessly. Humans and animals alike have settled into their new home and even the cows – known to be creatures of habit – dealt with the dramatic changes in a stoic manner. 

Watch the interview here.

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