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Serves coffee from his kitchen window in central Reykjavík

By Sara McMahon

  • Welcome to Puffin Coffee. Sverrir Rolf Sander runs the Puffin Coffee from his home. Photo/The Puffin Coffee

Sverrir Rolf Sander runs the coffee-shop Puffin Coffee from his home in Baldursgata 26, central Reykjavík. The coffee-shop opened for business on the 23rd of April and although its opening hours are completely random, it has been well received. 

“When I’m home, I’ll leave the kitchen window open or a sign out on the street indicating people can drop by for coffee. I also advertise opening hours on our Facebook page,” Sverrir explains, adding that the number of visitors dropping in soared after news-website wrote an article about Puffin Coffee last week.

The coffee is free of charge but Sverrir accepts donations which will go to fund research on autism.
“My best friend’s son is diagnosed with autism, so this is a cause close to my heart,” he says.

The Puffin Coffee serves regular espresso coffee and coffee brewed with a Kalita dripper or an Aeropress, which is a brewing technique similar to the French press.  Sverrir makes the coffee himself but does get some help from family and friends.

“Luckily I’m surrounded by good people who are willing to lend a helping hand. My cousin baked oatmeal cookies yesterday morning to serve with our coffee and one of my best friends has helped me manage the social media side,” he concludes.  

You can also follow Puffin Coffe on Twitter.

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