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Second Dunkin Donuts in Iceland to open tomorrow

By Staff

  • Doughnut starved teens Customers stood in line waiting for doughnuts after the first Dunkin Donuts café opened in Reykjavík earlier this summer. There were lines stretching down the street for days and weeks. Now a second café will open in a local shopping mall. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson.

The second Dunkin Donuts café in Iceland will open tomorrow morning in Kringlan shopping centre in Reyjavík. The local news site reports that the first twenty customers will be awarded a “year’s supply of donuts.” A year's supply of donuts is deffined as one box, containing six doughnuts each week for a year.

When the first Dunkin Donuts store opened on Laugavegur street in downtown Reykjavík earlier this summer a long line formed as fans of American coffee pastries stood in lines for hours to get a bite of American culture.

According to the new café, which will be on the third floor of the shopping centre and will have seating for thirty guests is expected to open at 10 in the morning. The American donut chain plans to open a total of sixteen cafés around Iceland in the next five years. 

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