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Sea monsters and Steampunk

By Sara McMahon

  • Bíldudalur Ingimar Oddsson moved to Bíldudalur two years ago. He’s the founder of Bildalia, Iceland’s first and only Steampunk festival. Photo/Egill Aðalsteinsson

Growing up, Ingimar Oddsson spent many a summer in the small village of Bíldudalur, in the Westfjords. Two years ago, he moved back to the area and now lives with his dog Loki just outside the town.


Ingimar is the curator of the Sea Monster Museum and the founder of Bildalia, Iceland’s first and only Steampunk festival, which takes place in Bíldudalur. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction inspired by industrialized civilization during the 19th century.            


Ingimar Oddsson is the founder of Bildalia, Iceland's only Steampunk Festival. 

What‘s the best thing about Bíldudalur?
“My hometown is tucked in between mountains, which shelter it from the winds. It’s a calm and quiet place surrounded by beautiful landscapes and colours and inhabited by friendly people.”

Mention three places that are a must-see or do in Bíldudalur.
1.      “I’ll have to mention my favourite route out of Arnarfjörður fjord (Bíldudalur is located in Arnarfjörður fjord). The route is called ‘the valleys’ (Ketildalir in Icelandic) and is easily one of the most scenic spots in the whole world.”
2.      “The Sea Monster Museum is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting museums in Iceland. It’s both educational and entertaining.”
3.      “In Bíldudalur you’ll find a small grocery shop, a hostel, and a guesthouse. One can easily stay in town for a week or two without experiencing a dull moment.”

What should those traveling with children do when in the area?
“This location is heaven for families with children. The Monster Museum, the white beaches, and the surrounding mountains make this an enchanting place to visit.”

Does the area have a famous landmark?
“The most famous spots in the area are without a doubt Dynjandi waterfall, Ketildalir valleys, and the Látrabjarg cliffs that are located a two-hour drive away from Bíldudalur. Látrabjarg is the westernmost tip of Europe, and it’s teeming with bird life.”


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