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Reykjavik´s annual DesignMarch programme includes a plane trip to an award-winning volcano museum

By Adriana Champagne

  • Pompeii of the north From the Eldheimar museum, which received the Icelandic Design Awards in 2015. The museum is located on Heimaey island, the largest and only inhabited island of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago.

An inside scoop with chief editor and brochure manager Elín Þorgeirsdóttir

The time has come in Iceland for this year's Design March, the annual four day festivie which kicks off Thursday, the 10th of March. With ninety exhibits, brand new designers in the mix, and a special trip offer, in its eighth year running, DesignMarch 2016 is anticipated to be the best one to date.


Elín Þorgeirsdóttir "We are really excited about the student designers this year."

I spoke with Elín Þorgeirsdóttir, head brochure manager and planner at Iceland Design Center located in the heart of Reykjavik, about what she is excited about this year, along with some of the behind-the-scenes challenges that are met in making the event the best that it can be. Here's a closer look at what's in store.

“Every Design March is different.” New this year, guests are offered the unique opportunity to partake in a voyage outside of Reykjavik. “We have never done a trip like this one before.” Explained Elín. A short plane ride will take attending guests directly to the Eldheimar Museum  on Heimaey island, the largest and only inhabited island of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago off Iceland's south coast. 

Of course, “the islands themselves are really an experience,” but when they are coupled with an exclusive guided tour of the Eldheimar Museum, which holds winning title of the Icelandic Design Awards 2015, this trip becomes unmissable. “After the tour, there will dinner held at the local Einsi Kaldi restaurant” Elín adds. What a treat! 


Rising from the ashes Views from the excavation of the house, now preserved at the Eldheimar museum.

Along with the trip to Eldheimar, some other key locations of DesignMarch to note are Hafnarhús, The Reykjavik Art Museum in downtown Reykjavík, which is where the opening will be held, and Ocean Cluster, located at the Grandi area on Reykjavík's west side.

“Ocean Cluster will have seven exhibitions two of which are student shows.” And if you are one who enjoys seeing design unfold right before your eyes, there will be “goldsmiths set up with a workshop where guests can watch them as they work.”   

Something to keep in mind as a guest in any event, whether it is the DesignMarch 2016 or otherwise, is that it can become easy to lose sight on all of the hard work that goes on in the background to prepare. Achieving this quality of effortlessness in presentation is always a desired and hard earned effect, and one not without challenge. To gain a clearer perspective on the inside job and what it entails, I asked Elín of the Design Center´s biggest goal this year, and what work it was met with.

“This year we tried to find one big venue, so that it would be easier for people to see as much as possible.” She went on to explain that “because of the huge surge in Iceland's building renovations, securing our venues has been a bigger challenge than in previous years. Empty spaces have become more competitive to reserve. There are so many individual exhibits, and our task is to tie them all together and coordinate their space.”

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