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Record interest in becoming an exchange student in Iceland

By Staff

  • Reykjavík Most exchange students request Reykjavík as their first choice, but those who end up in smaller towns and villages around Iceland frequently have the most rewarding experiences. Photo/Daníel Rúnarsson.

More and more young people are interested in coming to Iceland as exchange students according to AFS Exchange and Intercultural Programs. AFS in Iceland was able to accept just about a third of the applications it received, according to the Icelandic Natonal Broadcasting Service RÚV.

Guðmundur Gunnarsson, the director of AFS Iceland told RÚV that in the last round they received nearly 100 applications from teens interested in coming to Iceland as exchange students, but were only able to accept 37 students. The main constraint, Guðmundur explains, is to find families willing to host exchange students.

AFS does its best to keep the incoming group of students as diverse as possible and to spread the students across Iceland. Guðmundur tells RÚV that currently there are students from 20 different countries staying in all four quarters of Iceland. “Experience has shown that while all of the incoming students come in with Reykjavík as their first choice, those who stay in the town of Akureyri or village of Varhahlíð in North Iceland, come away with the most valuable experiences.”

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