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Photos: British couple the first to get married inside Langjökull glacier, West Iceland

By Staff

  • Beautiful bride British couple Anthony and Mari were the first to get married inside Langjökull glacier. Photo/Kristín María Stefánsdóttir

The first wedding ceremony to take place inside Langjökull, Iceland’s second largest glacier, happened last week when British couple Anthony and Mari were joined in marriage.

Travel organiser Pink Iceland assisted the couple with their wedding plans, which began over a year ago. The bride and groom and their guests stayed at Hótel Húsafell, West Iceland, and the wedding location was kept secret up until the last moment. “After breakfast we made sure all the guests were well dressed. Then a number of super jeeps picked up the group and drove them up onto the glacier,” Eva María Þórarinsdóttir, one of Pink Iceland’s owners, told Vísir.

The couple had requested a somewhat traditional Icelandic wedding reception, complete with “kleinur” and “flatbrauð með hangikjöti” (deep fried sweet bread and flat bread with smoked meat). Inga Auðbjörg from Siðmennt (The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association) conducted the ceremony dressed in traditional Icelandic garb.

The Langjökull ice tunnel is located on the west side of the glacier, is 1,260 metres (4,134 feet) above sea level, 500 m (1,640 ft) long and goes 30 m (98 ft) under the ice cap at the deepest point.

It gives visitors a new and totally different view of the glacier and the impact global warming has on the environment

Photographer Kristín María Stefánsdóttir took the photographs below. 


Inga Auðbjörg conducted the ceremony dressed in traditional garb. Photo/Kristín María Stefánsdóttir


Super jeeps transported guests on to the glacier. Photo/Kristín María Stefánsdóttir


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