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Photo of the Day: Even the puffins have caught the football fever!

By Staff

  • National treasures Heimir Hallgrímsson seen holding another Vestmannaeyjar resident. Photo/Sæheimar

Heimir Hallgrímsson, the manager of the Icelandic football team is a born-and-bred "Islander" (eyjamaður), which in Iceland is usually used to refer to people from the Vestmannaeyjar islands, a cluster of volcanic islands on the south coast of the Icelandic "mainland". In addition to coaching football and managing the Icelandic national team, Heimir is a dentist: He still works at his clinic in Vestmannaeyjar.

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It should therefore not come as a surprise that Heimir is loved and admired by other townspeople. Heimir is not only a pillar of the community, he's a national treasure. Even the puffins (nearly half of the Icelandic puffin population nests in Vestmannaeyjar) stand by this local hero, doing their best to do the famous "Viking War Cry": HÚH!

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The above photo was shared by Sæheimar Aquarium in Vestmananeyjar, whose staff nurse injured or sick puffins back to health. And make tiny little puffin sized football jerseys!

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