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Photo of the Day: 2nd graders celebrate last day of school with pop-up café in Downtown Reykjavík

By Staff

  • A small business The first day of summer vacation is the perfect day to launch a new business venture! Photo/Hrannar Pétursson

Today Reykjavík kids celebrate the last day of the school year: Summer vacation, which lasts until August 22. These two young ladies were spotted in Vesturbærinn neighborhood in downtown Reykjavík earlier today seizing the day with a small pop-up café.

The two aspiring entreperenurs were selling coffee and a selection of pastries: American-style doughnuts and the Icelandic doughnut kleina as well as muffins: If you are traveling in the vicinity of the old cemetery west of the downtown pond Tjörnin you can find the summer vacation café on the corner of Garðastræti and Sólvallagata streets. 

Pop up café, photo of the day

Pop up café The coolest café in Reykjavík, at least today! Photo/Hrannar Pétursson

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