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Ongoing rescue mission on Vatnajökull glacier, new photos and a video

By Staff

  • On the glacier Vatnajökull is Europe largest glacier. The weather can get brutally extreme on the glacier. Photo by Hornafjörður Search & Rescue unit.

Vehicles from town Hornafjörður's Search and Rescue unit are slowly getting closer to the two skiers stuck in a raging blizzard on Vatnajökull glacier, South Iceland. The S&R unit posted the accompanying photos and the video below on its Facebook page showing how challenging the conditions are on the glacier.

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The two skiers sent out an SOS call this morning. Last Tuesday the same rescue team transported the third skier from the group down from the glacier after he became exhausted and could neither move ahead nor return.


No ordinary vehicles The S&R unit's trucks are equipped with big tires and have specially trained drivers behind the wheel. Photo by Hornafjörður Search & Rescue unit.

Due to very bad forecast the rescue team tried to get the other two skiers to come down from glacier, but they flatly refused. Now they are waiting for being brought back from conditions they could not handle on their own.

The men are believed to be from Finland. According to latest news they have found some shelter and their location is known.



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