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New poll shows majority of Icelanders believe in clairvoyance and mediums

By Staff

  • Somethig in the fog? Icelanders have for centuries been very open to ideas that the living share this world with sprits, elves and other supernatural bengs. A new poll shows these beliefs might have survived to the modern age. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

While recent polling has shown Icelanders, especially younger people, have growing doubts about the literal interpretation of the bible, including its story of God having created the world, a new poll by the MMR Market and Media Research reveals Icelanders do in fact believe in the supernatural and an afterlife. The poll reveals that a majority of Icelanders believe in mediums and clairvoyance.

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The poll asked whether people believed there existed individuals who could contact and communicate with the spirits of the dead and see the future. 53.7% of respondents answered in the affirmative. When the answers are broken down it emerges 69% of women believed in clairvoyance and mediums, but only 40% of men. Those living in the Capital region were also less likely to believe in such supernatural powers (46%), than people living outside of the capital region (67%).

Nearly a third of all Icelanders had attended a séance. Only 19% of men admitted they had attended a séance, while 44% of women had attended a séance. Those 68 years or older were more likely (49%) to have attempted to contact the afterlife with the help of a medium than those younger than 29 (17%).

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV reports that the Icelandic Spiritist Society has nine active mediums. In addition the phonebook has 11 people who are listed as mediums. 

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