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New lighting in Keflavík Airport's shopping centre can imitate the Northern Lights

By Staff

  • Keflavík Airport Thirteen new stores and restaurants opened within Keflavík airport's departure lounge last year. New LED lighting was also installed. Photo/Valli

New LED lights have been installed in Keflavík Internationa Airport, according to news website Nútíminn. The lights cost 190 million (1,346,849 Euros/1,504,950 USD) to install and will be able to imitate the amazing Aurora Borealis.

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The lights were installed inside the airport’s brand new shopping centre and offer different mood settings, be it a splash of colour during Christmas, or imitating the magnificent Northern Lights in winter.

“On a regular day the lighting will be quite normal but on holidays and other special days we can change it to resemble the mood,” Guðni Sigurðsson, Isavia’s spokesperson, explained. Adding: “For example, should Iceland become European champions in football we could set the lighting in the Icelandic flag colours.”

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