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MS Iceland Dairies developing whey vodka

By Staff

  • Creating whey vodka The dairy company MS (above) and Matís tend to develope vodka made from excess whey. Photo/Pjetur

Matís and MS Iceland Dairies, Mjólkursamsalan, plan to develop vodka, industry spiritus or fuel, from whey, reports RÚV. According to Björn S. Gunnarsson, director of product development at MS, the company could produce around 2 million litres (528,344 gallons) of vodka each year from excess whey.

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Whey is a by-product of cheese-making and is primarily water but also contains milk sugar. MS uses the excess whey to make the protein shake Hleðsla, but is left with large amounts of milk sugar which they now want to convert into alcohol. A number of international distilleries already produce vodka made from whey, based on top secret recipes. Some of these recipes took years to develop so MS and Matís have their work cut out for them.

Matís is a government-owned, independent research company which researches and develops products for the food and biotechnical industries.

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