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Mottumars campaign: Moustaches galore!

By Staff

  • Shake it Last year’s Mottumars campaign shun the spotlight on colon cancer.

An annual month-long men’s cancer awareness campaign, named Mottumars, or Moustache March, will be in full force for the whole month of March.

Last year’s campaign shun the spotlight on colon cancer and in order to create awareness numerous well-known actors and musicians starred in an ad where they shook their derrieres to the song ‘Hossa Hossa’ by Amaba Dama.

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Óðinn Lionheart, the charitable blind kitten

Also part of the campaign is an annual moustache competition where men compete over who has the most elegant facial hair to raise money for the Icelandic Cancer Society – so don‘t fret when you pass counless of moustache-faced men while moseying along the streets of Reykjavík in March – it‘s all for a good cause and less of a fashion statement.

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