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Midnight premiere of Star Wars in Reykjavík frustrates fans as projector freezes repeatedly

By Staff

  • The crowd at Egilshöll theatre last night Star Wars fans at a midnight premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens last night were treated to a stalling and freezing movie. Photo/Vísir-Jóhanna Andrésdóttir.

Fans who had gathered to see the premiere of the new Star Wars movie at a midnight viewing at Smárabíó movie theatre in Egilshöll last night were treated to a frustrating experience: The projector froze repeatedly toward the end of the film. Each time the film stalled for a few seconds, leaving the crowded theatre squirming.

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According to fans who were present the projector froze on something like ten occasions. Initially the experience was met with shock, but as it happened more and more, people became both frustrated and amused. “It was almost kind of funny”, one fan told Iceland Magazine. “People were shaking their heads. It was clearly some sort of technical malfunction, but it felt like you were watching a YouTube video over a bad internet connection. This constant stalling.” According to the local news site one moviegoer shouted “What are you doing? Downloading the movie?”

A representative for Sambíóin movie theatres told that the equipment had worked perfectly earlier in the day when they did a test run of the movie, and that experts were looking through the system to see what had gone wrong. He also assures fans that anyone who had tickets to last night’s screening, but was unhappy about the experience could get tickets to a later showing. “We are of course completely devastated. This is the biggest moment in our history, and of course something like this had to happen.”

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