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Mesmerizing aerial video of the sheep roundup in West Iceland

By Staff

  • Counting sheep An endless stream of sheep is the perfect prescription to a gray and rainy day! Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Since the first settlers came to Iceland the annual sheep roundup has been one of the most important events each year. And while the entire population no longer participates in the roundup in the same way it did while it was completely rural, the roundup retains its importance in rural culture.

The following aerial video of sheep being herded to Fljótstungurétt corral in Borgarfjörður fjord in West Iceland. Fljótstungurétt is located in Gráhraun lava field, one of the lava fields around Húsafell, which was recently described as a "Hidden Gem" by Forbes Magazine. The video was shot by Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson, a local photographer:

Be sure to turn on the audio to get the full experience! 


The annual roundup of sheep. #iceland

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