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Margrét and Aron were the most popular baby names in 2014

By Staff

  • Naming a nation Most Icelander have two names, with the most common combinations being Jón Þór and Anna María. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Just as in 2013, Aron was the most popular name to give boys in Iceland in 2014, according to Statistic Iceland, the centre for official statistics in Iceland. The most popular name for baby girls was Margrét but in 2013 it was Katrín. The second most popular girl´s name was Anna, with Emma coming in number three. The second most popluar boy's name was Alexander, while Vitktor landed third.

Þór was by far the most popular middle name to give baby boys, while for baby girls it was María.

The three most common women's names in general are in this order: Guðrún, Anna and Kristín. For men it's Jón, Sigurður and Guðmundur.

According to Statistic Iceland, 51,5% of the nation is born from April to September, with 27 September being the most common birthday.

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