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Majority of Icelanders expect Iceland to make it to the first knockout stage in World Cup

By Staff

  • Supporting "our boys" Icelanders are united in support of their team. Photo/Vilhelm

Icelanders seem to moderately optimistic about the chances of the Icelandic National Football Team in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, at least when queried by pollsters. A poll conducted by the polling firm MMR shows that 59% of Icelanders expect Iceland to make it into the first knockout-stage where 16-teams compete to make it to the quarter-finals. An additional fifth of Icelanders told the pollsters that they expect Iceland to make it out of the Round of 16 into the Quarter Finals. Only 3% said they expect Iceland to make it to the Semi Finals. 2% of Icelanders felt confident enough to predict Iceland will win the World Cup.

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The poll revealed that women were more optimistic than men, as well as the youngest and oldest respondents. Middle-aged men with high incomes and college degrees were least likely to tell pollsters they expected the Icelandic team to make it to the top.

In the 2016 European Cup Iceland made it to the Quarter Final after beating England. 

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Iceland will play its next game against Nigeria in Volgograd on Friday. The game is scheduled for 18:00 local time, or three in the afternoon Reykjavík time. You can expect many Icelandic businesses and offices to either close down early or operate with minimum staff during the game. 

The Nigerian team is ranked as the 48th strongest National Team, according to FIFA, the world football organization, while Iceland is ranked 22. Nigeria is the seventh largest nation on Earth, while Iceland is the smallest nation ever to qualify for the World Cup. 

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