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The magnificen Lake Mývatn attracts a great number of tourists in winter

  • Mývatn in winter There is loads to see and do in and around Lake Mývatn. Photo/Vilhelm 


A great number of foreign travellers are currently staying in and around Lake Mývatn in North Iceland, reports Morgunblaðið newspaper. The beautiful winter landscape and the nature baths attract visitors to the region at this time of year.

Farmer Helgi Héðinsson says Dimmuborgin in Mývatn are especially beautiful in winter, people just need to be dressed according to weather.

Dog sledding
At lake Mývatn one can enjoy a magnificent day of dog sledding which allows guests to experience the lake’s unique surroundings in an unforgettable manner.

Nature baths
The nature baths at Mývatn are the perfect spot for tired travellers to unwind and relax. The Mývatn lagoon is more intimate than the Blue lagoon and not as touristic.

The secret fissures
Vogagjá and Grjótagjá are old bathing places in fissures and caves in Mývatnssveit, North Iceland. Whilst Grjótagjá has gained popularlity in recent years, Vogagjá can still be considered one of Iceland's best kept secret - mostly due to the fact that it's difficult to find.

Enter Hell
Lake Víti is located in the Krafla caldera area in the Mývatn region and is easily accessible by an asphalt road leading to it from Route 1 (the Ring Road). The lake dates back to 1724, when glowing magma blew a 300-meter-wide (1,000 ft.) hole in the earth’s crust.

And of course, the lake itself
Mývatn lake is a eutrophic lake that was created by a large basaltic lava eruption over 2300 years ago. While the lake is named Mývatn, the whole area is often referred to by the same name. Volcanic land forms, lava pillars, and pseudo craters dominate the landscape, while the surrounding wetlands are exceptionally rich in fauna and aquatic birds.

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