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Magical moments in Berufjörður, East Iceland

By Sara McMahon

  • Content sheep farmer. Berglind Häsler recently moved with her husband and three children to Karlsstaðir farm in Berufjörður fjord, East Iceland. Her favourite landmark in the area is Búlandstindur mountain. Photo/Berglind Häsler 


Berglind Häsler is a true jack-of-all-trades; She’s a journalist, vegan hot-dog manufacturer, the keyboard player of the popular band Prins Póló, and a sheep farmer. She recently moved with her husband and three children to the farm Karlsstaðir in Berufjörður, East Iceland.


Husband: Musician and entrepreneur Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson and fellow Prins Póló-member.

Children: Elísa, 14 years old, Hrólfur, 4 years old and Aldís Rúna, 9 months old.

Name four interesting places people should not miss when visiting Berufjörður and Djúpivogur:
“The Eggs in Gleðivík is a magnificent piece of art made by Sigurður Guðmundsson, one of Iceland’s most respected artists. The piece consists of thirty-four bird -eggs, – one from each type of bird that nests in the area.
“Teigarhorn farm, located around four kilometres west of Djúpivogur, became world-famous for the crystallized zeolite (minerals thatform when volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater) found on its land. It’s probably the most renowned zeolite spot in the world.
“Búlandstindur is a beautiful mountain located in Berufjörður fjord. It’s easily recognisable by its triangular shape. Some believe the mountain has supernatural powers, others simply enjoy the strenuous hike to its peak.
“Gautavík is a farm located on the northern side of Berufjörður bay. It’s a former trading post and harbour, and the old house -ruins are now preserved.”

Describe your perfect Sunday-drive:
“The scenic Öxi road has been greatly improved and became a popular route between Berufjörður to Skriðdalur valley, and from there on to Egilsstaðir town. The scenery on the way is extreme but very beautiful. There are many waterfalls and interesting places to stop.”

"There is an unexplainable energy in the air, and it’s wonderful that you only have to open your front-door to experience it."

Best restaurant in the area:
“I can recommend the restaurant in Hótel Framtíð in Djúpivogur and also the café in the Langabúð Museum in Djúpivogur.”

What is your all-time favourite spot in Berufjörður?
“Our farm, Karlsstaðir, in Berufjörður. We just recently moved here from the city, so our home is still in the making. We produce vegan “odd dogs” (hot dogs made from barley), named Bulsur. People can order a meal and a tour around the farm by sending us an email to”

What is your favourite landmark in the area?
“Búlandstindur mountain.”

What can those travelling with children do when in Berufjörður?
“Kids really enjoy a trip to the beach and shorter walks around the area.”

What‘s the best thing about the area, in your opinion?
“When I first visited Berufjörður in 2004, I was taken aback by its beauty. This feeling has only amplified since. The landscape is magnificent and ever- changing. There is an unexplainable energy in the air, and it’s wonderful that you only have to open your front-door to experience it. My favourite is a walk along the beach with Búlandstindur mountain in the background and breathing in the fresh sea air. Those moments are like magic to me.”

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