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London based travel company offers a private banquet inside Þríhnúkagígur crater for 19 thousand USD

By Staff

  • Inside the volcano The 4000-year-old bottle-shaped dome is so massive that the Statue of Liberty could stand inside it. Now wealthy visitors can host a private banquet inside the crater courtesy of Jacada Travel. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

A private banquet inside Þríhnúkagígur crater, Southwest Iceland, is available to those who have 19 thousand USD to spare for an evening out.


On the cover Elite Traveler is aimed at people who wish to travel in style. 

According to an article in the January/February issue of Elite Traveller magazine, guests start at a remote lodge in Iceland, from where they are transported by helicopter to Þríhnúkagígar crater in Southwest Iceland, where they will then enjoy a lavish dinner deep inside the 4,000-year-old magma chamber. The bi-monthly magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine aimed at wealthy travellers and is distributed at airport terminals servicing private jets, in harbours where mega yachts dock, and five star hotels.

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The customised trip, offered by London based luxury tour operator Jacada Travel, reportedly includes lodge accommodation, breakfast and dinner, services of an Icelandic chef, helicopter transfers, and a 4x4.

According to information from Jacada Travel, the operator has not booked this trip for any of its clients, but their ground partners have booked it for other travellers.

Brynjar Guðjónsson, a representative for local tour operator Inside the Volcano, that specialises in taking visitors into the volcanic crater, told Iceland Magazine that a private banquet has not been hosted inside the crater as of yet.

The Þríhnúkagígur crater is located close to the Bláfjöll mountain range and was first explored a short forty years ago. The 4000-year-old bottle-shaped dome is so massive that the Statue of Liberty could stand inside it.

Tours into the crater are only operated from 15 of May to 15 of October each year. 

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