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Local Hamburger chef announces a presidential run, promises supporters free cheeseburgers

By Staff

  • Presidential run or marketing ploy? Local restaurateur Magnús Ingi Magnússon, better known as Maggi á Texasborgurum, has become the fifteenth person to announce his desire to replace outgoing president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. Photo/GVA

One more presidential candidate entered the already crowded field on Sunday when yet another long-shot candidate, Magnús Ingi Magnússon, decided to throw his hat in the ring. Or chef’s hat, since Magnús is a legendary restauranteur and hamburger chef, better known as “Maggi á Texasborgurum”. Magnús’ restaurant Texasborgarar (“Texas-burgers”) one of Reykjavík’s oldest and best known hamburger joints.

Magnús is the fifteenth candidate to announce his run for the presidency.

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Some suspect that Magnús’ presidential run is really a clever marketing ploy, launched to generate publicity for his restaurant Texasborgarar, which is located by the old harbour, in the Grandi district. Magnús has already achieved this goal, since his presidential run has been the subject of countless jokes and status updates on social media in Iceland.

Before his name can be added to the ballot, Magnús, like all other candidates, must hand in the signatures of at least 1,500 voters. To reach this threshold Magnús is offering potential supporters free cheeseburgers and fries, according to the local news site The only thing potential supporters need to do is to visit his restaurant and sign their name to the list of people who would like to see his name on the ballot.

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