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As the latest Star Wars movie premiers the mayor of Reykjavík unveils the new Darth Vader Street

By Staff

  • The street sign for the new "Darth Vader Street" Dagur B Eggertsson, the mayor of Reykjavík, and Óli Gneisti Sóleyjarson, who proposed the name change. Photo/Dagur B. Eggertsson-Twitter.

In August the Reykjavík City Council approved a motion to have a street in the Höfði industrial district renamed “Svarthöfði”, which is the name of Darth Vader in Icelandic. Yesterday, Thursday afternoon, as the latest Star Wars movie is being premiered around the world, the Mayor of Reykjavík unveiled the new street sign at a official ceremony.

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The photograph of the moment was published on the mayor´s Twitter feed.



The new Darth Vader Street, or Svarthöfði is located in the industrial district Höfði. All the streets in the industrial district are named something “-höfði”, which means “cape” or “head” in Icelandic. The new Svarthöfði had previously been named Stórhöfði, or Great-cape. As it might take time for maps to update, visitors who want to find the Darth Vader street should therefore search for "Stórhöfði".

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The idea of renaming one of the streets in the district Svarthöfði had come up in the Better Reykjavík democratic initiative, which was launched in 2010. The idea was proposed by a local man, Óli Gneisti Sóleyjarson, who accompanied the mayor to the official changing of the street signs along the  new Darth Vader street.


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