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Latest Captain America trailer opens with a shot of Iceland

By Staff

  • Captain America: Civil War The movie is about a showdown between two rival factions of superheroes, one led by Captain America the other by Iron Man. Some scenes in the movie were shot in Iceland. Photo/Marvel.

The second trailer from the upcoming Captain America movie, Captain America: Civil War, which was released yesterday has caused a stir among fans of the Marvel superhero universe. The trailer reveals new clues about the movie which involves a showdown between rival factions of superheroes led by Iron Man and Captain America. The final shot of the trailer, which shows Spider-Man, has some online fans very excited.

However, the trailer also reveals the first glimpses of Iceland in the movie. Some scenes in the movie, which will open in theatres on May 6, were filmed in Iceland. Great secrecy surrounded the shoots, some of which took place near the town of Vík in South Iceland, a popular destination for film crews.

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