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Justin Bieber spotted in Iceland

By Staff

  • Bieber in Iceland During a short stopover at Keflavík Justin Bieber took time to visit the beach. Photo/

Canadian musician Justin Bieber has been spotted in Iceland. According to the local news site Bieber landed at Keflavík Airport this morning. He drove from the airport to a restaurant in the nearby town of Reykjanesbær, where he parked his car in front of a local restaurant, Lemon.

UPDATE: Bieber in Iceland: taking the golden circle, ate a turkey sub in Keflavík

The owner of the restaurant, Jón Þór Gylfason told that Bieber had arrived accompanied by fifteen bodyguards on two large SUVs. The crew had proceeded on foot down the street to the beach and the ocean. The location is a popular sightseeing spot. According to Jón two of his employees managed to chat with Bieber, who told them he was just stopping over. His bodyguards ensured nobody could take photographs of the encounter.

Bieber did not stop for long, and did not dine at Lemon. "Unfortunately he didn‘t have time to eat."  According to a local woman who spoke to, Ingibjörg Gísladóttir, mr. Bieber or some members of his team had instead eaten at a Subway restaurant across the street.

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