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Justin Bieber announces he loves Iceland, his short visit was the “Best trip ever”

By Staff

After a brief, but well documented stopover the Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber left Iceland yesterday. Judging by the Twitter and Instagram feeds of Bieber he and his team were pleased with their stay: “Best trip ever … Iceland we love you.”



Bieber: A dream come true
Bieber arrived in Iceland on Monday 21 September and after a short photo stop by the sea in Keflavík and a Subway sandwich, the star headed to Southern Iceland where he took a swim in the picturesque Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon in Southern Iceland, just west of the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

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According to a post on the Instagram account of Rory Kramer, a friend who followed Bieber on his visit to Iceland, Bieber had seen photographs another friend, Chris Burkard had taken in Iceland and had been mesmerized. The two decided they had had to visit the country, and especially Fjaðrárgljúfur. A photograph of Bieber coming out of Fjaðrá river in his underwear caught worldwide attention and more than a million likes.

Straight from swimming in ice cold rivers to the recording studio
Bieber was also pleased with both the rain of Iceland, and the members of the fairer sex. In a short video shot at an unidentified parking spot in Southern Iceland Bieber is seen singing and dancing to a the song No Type by Lil Wayne.

Then, according to the local gossip website Bieber invited some local fans to his hotel room while staying at Hotel Rangá in Southern Iceland. The girls, who were happy about the encounter, reportedly got to listen to some of Bieber’s unpublished materials from his next album while having a good time with the pop star.

It turns out Bieber's stopover in Iceland was a brief vacation before the star went back to the studio to record material for his next album. A tweet he published just 13 hours after leaving Iceland announced he was finishing a "solid night in the studio".



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