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Jackie Chan brings his biggest fan to tears in Iceland

By Staff

  • Jackie Chan The Hong Kong born actor and martial artist spent time in Iceland filming scenes for his upcoming film Kung Fu Yoga. Photo/Ruslans Antropovs Wikipedia

Martial artist and actor Jakie Chan is currently in Iceland filming scenes for his upcoming film Kung Fu Yoga. According to the National Broadcasting Service, Chan seems to be a very big-hearted and generous person. He recently gifted fellow actress Amyra Dastur a custom designed jacket while they were filming in Iceland. The jacket is designed by Chan himself and usually worn by members of his stunt team.

Jón Viðar Arnþórsson, one of the owners of MMA club Mjölnir and a huge fan of Chan, also received a jacket from the actor. The former policeman shared a photograph of himself on Instagram wearing said garment, accompanied by a long and heartfelt caption.


“Yes, I met my idol yesterday, and yes, I’m wearing his jacket. Jackie Chan!! When I was a teenager: 1. Spent all my money buying old Kung Fu movies on VHS, all starring Jackie Chan. 2. Spent most of my time watching those movies and studying his moves, which badly affected my school attendance. 3. Although I never read and had poor grades in English, I read his biography. 4. Mimicked him because I idolised him.
One of my best friends, Páll Bergmann, was Chan’s driver in Iceland. The legend became quite fond of Páll and as a parting gift he took off his jacket, signed it and gave it to Páll. Páll then gave me the jacket yesterday and it brought me to tears. Thanks Páll, I’ll hang it over my bed!”

Jón Viðar explains that Jackie Chan is one of the world’s best martial artists and stunt actors and credits him for his own move into the world of fight choreography and martial arts. Jón Viðar worked as a fight instructor and stunt coordinator for Icelandic films such as Svartur á leik and Borgríki 2.

Jackie Chan is known for his acrobatic fighting style and innovative stunts, which he usually performs himself. His career began in the 1960’s and he has appeared in over 150 films since then.

Kung Fu Yoga is an upcoming multi-lingual action-adventure film starring Jackie Chan,  Amyra Dastur and Aarif Rahman.

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