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The International Beer Day is today: Sample a beer from another culture

By Staff

  • Einstök Toasted Porter In the spirit of the International Beer Day you should step out of your locally brewed comfort zone and try a beer from another culture.

If you are looking for an excuse to have a cold one then the International Beer Day is celebrated around the world today. That's a good reason indeed.

There are only eight years since the day was founded as a local event in Santa Cruz, California, but has now spread to more than 50 countries taking place annually on the first Friday of August.

The theme of the day is first and foremost to get together with your friends and enjoy the taste of beer but also to step out of your local brewed comfort zone and try a beer from another culture

In the spirit of the day English newspaper The Telegraph has compiled a good list of 17 beers to taste. Among them are Icelandic Toasted Porter (6%) from the Einstök brewery. The newspaper's beer sommelier describes this deep dark beer as entwining "chocolate and coffee flavours in which an occasional hint of berries pokes through and lifts the beer so it becomes much more drinkable than you might imagine. Best beer for causing a spousal disagreement if there's only one bottle left. Top tip - buy plenty."

We Icelanders have our very own Icelandic Beerday on March 1st, which is the date when it became legal to buy beer in Iceland again, after having been off limits from 1915 to 1989.


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