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Iceland’s top 5 most popular beers are by local brewers

By Staff

  • King Víking.  Dominates the two top spots. It's a strong lager beer (5.6%). Gull has two spots on the top five list. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson

Out of Iceland’s top ten most popular beers, six are by local brewers. Actually the top five are all Icelandic. The undisputed king is Víking Gylltur (Golden) with more than double the market share of its brother Víking Lager, which comes in at number two. Víking Gylltur is a strong lager beer (5.6%) that has been described as having “fantastic drinkability.”

The top 10 list is dominated by lager beers, but Iceland is in the middle of a beer revolution, with new, more adventurous beers from local breweries hitting the market almost every month.

All are available in licensed restaurants or in the 48 state-run liquor stores (there is a monopoly on sales of alcohol in Iceland).

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