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Iceland's most picturesque island is up for sale: Vigur island in the Westfjords could be yours

By Staff

  • A beautiful little island The island comes with the boat Breiður, Iceland's oldest operational vessel: 220 years old. Photo/Borg Real Estate

  • The windmill Some of the structures are owned by the National Museum of Iceland, including the windmill. Photo/Borg Real Estate

  • The sea Vigur has historically been a prosperous farm, due to its proximity to great fishing grounds and the rich birdlife. Photo/Borg Real Estate

  • The farm The farm and its home fields are protected by a beautiful old stone wall. Photo/Borg Real Estate

  • One of the structures The island has a number of well maintained historic houses Photo/Borg Real Estate

  • The view The most valuable natural resource of Vigur is the sheer beauty of the bay. Photo/Borg Real Estate

  • Rather awesome! The view from the porch Photo/Borg Real Estate

  • A small island Vigur is 10 minute boat ride from the village Súðavík. Photo/Borg Real Estate

Vigur, a small island in the Ísafjarðardjúp bay in the Westfjords has been listed for sale. The 45 hectare (111 acre) island is being sold with all houses, a boat and full farming and hunting rights. Several historic buildings, including the best known windmill in Iceland, are found on the island which is visited by at least 10,000 visitors each year. 

The current owners of Vigur have lived in the island for a quarter century, farming and servicing tourists who visit the island. The farm includes 10 hectares (25 acres) of fields, a cowshed and a sheep pen with room for 70-80 sheep, as well as being home to a large and valuable colony of eider, which proruces 50-60 kg (110-130 lbs) of cleaned eiderdown annually. The most valuable resource of the island, however, is the view.

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To exploit the possibilities inherent in the natural beauty a restaurant and guest house have been built on the island. The main farm building is 208 fm2 (2,240 sq ft) and has 10 bedrooms. The old cowshed was recently renovated as a banquet hall with a full kitchen. The hall has seating for 80 guests.

The island even comes with a historic vessel: The oldest operational boat in Iceland, a large rowboat called Breiður built around 1800.

For more information and photos head to the website of Borg Fasteignasala. The real estate agency deosn't list a price for the island, but is instead asking for offers. The local business weekly Viðskiptablaðið reports that the asking prices is at least 300 million ISK (2.8 million USD/2.4 million EUR).

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