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Icelandic woman claims elves are better lovers than men

By Staff

  • Fjallabak People only need to wander into Iceland's remote landscapes to encounter elves, says Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Vice republished a short interview with Icelandic photographer and self-described “elf sex nerd” Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir earlier this year. In the interview, Hallgerður openly discusses her book, Please YoursELF – Sex with the Icelandic Invisibles, and her sexual encounters with Icelandic ‘huldufólk’, known as ‘hidden people’.

Warning: The interview contains graphic descriptions of Hallgerður’s sexual encounters which may be offensive or disturbing to some.

Hallgerður says her first sexual encounter with an elf was by accidents some years ago. “I was wandering around in Icelandic nature … he just came to me and whispered things into my ear, you know, dirty talk,” she explains.

According to Hallgerður sex with humans is rather mundane compared to making love to an elf. They know exactly what to do, are incredibly limber and big on oral sex. “They have incredible tongues,” she says.

It’s been said that Icelanders believe in elves and hidden people, however, it’s been difficult to determine whether or not this statement is true. A survey conducted by the National University’s Department of Ethnology showed that very few Icelanders believed elves really and truly existed. Yet, these same individuals would not deny their existence either, and most people tread lightly when entering into known elf territory. As they say: Better safe than sorry.

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